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✪coloredboxes | another icon comm
(Never played Mother 3, aka the most awesome saddest game ever?… 
8th-Nov-2008 04:08 pm
Mother☇bunny hood + rainbows

(Never played Mother 3, aka the most awesome saddest game ever? Want to? Click here!)

♨Don't claim as your own.
♨Please give credit to me (lifeup) or coloredboxes in your profile or somewhere on your journal.
♨Use only on Livejournal.
♨Hotlinking these is a-okay!
♨Comments would be nice. ♥

1. Download this text file.
2. Go to the LJ admin console.
3. Type: [moodtheme_create "Mother 3" "Mother 3 moodtheme by coloredboxes"] without the [ ] around it. Hit execute.
4. You'll be given a id number for your moodtheme. Copy it, open up the text file, and replace 12345 with your number (use replace all).
5. After replacing the id number with yours, go back to the admin console, select and copy EVERYTHING in the text file, paste it in the command console, and hit execute.
6. Go here, select the Mother 3 moodtheme, and hit the "save changes" button. You're done!

You don't have to reupload the pictures, they should have unlimited bandwidth. Easy, isn't it? ;)

A few notes:
Not every mood has a unique picture (I think there were somewhere between 10-20 that I just couldn't come up with anything). I don't think there's anything really spoilery (I avoided a lot of stuff near the end), but...[insert generic spoiler warning] just in case. A-also, some are kind of...not obvious unless you finished the game. Like the mood for lonely.

24th-Jun-2009 09:13 pm (UTC)




AHAHAHAHAH thank you dear :>
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